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For solo creators, blog websites, and personal sites.
  • 1 site
  • dynamic routes
  • custom themes
  • 1 member
  • Email support
For startups that need to surface quick commands in their app.
  • 3 sites
  • dynamic routes
  • custom themes
  • Up to 3 members
  • Email support
For larger teams that need super user powers.
  • 10 sites
  • dynamic routes
  • custom themes
  • Up to 10 members
  • Premium support


Breakdown of featuresFreeStartupGrowth
A site is equal to one unique qikbar that can be used on any website or application
Dynamic routes
Use your own API to populate custom routes and filter on your own datasets
Team members
Users with access to login and modify settings
Access to help from staff around issues

Questions & Answers

  • Very minimal just to add the script to the page.

  • We allow you to setup a route that will allow for searching a resource of your own choosing. Be it internal API, external API. We provide hooks to add auth headers and the requests are made from your domain for safe transfer. No data is sent back to qikbar.

  • At some point in the future we would love to make this happen!

  • The number of commands allowed to be saved, ability to use your own API within qikbar as well as the number of team members.

  • This feature will be coming soon. We hope to have features such as turning a sitemap into quick commands.

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